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Soldiers of the future will receive a hand-held howitzer

A new "pocket artillery" was developed for the Russian infantry.
In terms of its power, a disposable grenade launcher will not be inferior to a howitzer shell, and its modern sight will allow you to destroy enemy tanks and shelters at night as easily as during the day. The emergence of such weapons will provide soldiers with superiority in urban combat, experts say.
In Russia, the development of the newest 6S20 Smes assault grenade launcher is nearing completion, sources in the military-industrial complex told Izvestia. A trial batch of his thermobaric grenades of a volumetric explosion is being made for state tests. The new grenade launchers will be produced at Planta Chemical Plant JSC - the company has already received a set of documentation for their serial production.
According to the documents on the development schedule, the end of state tests is scheduled for the fall of 2021. Earlier, the Ministry of Defense reported that the Mixture was being developed taking into account the combat experience gained in modern conflicts. 
The 6S20 will include both an anti-tank grenade and an assault grenade with thermobaric charges of a volumetric explosion. These are especially effective for warfare in urban areas.
A feature of the new complex will be a combination of disposable grenades in individual containers and a removable reusable high-tech sight. It combines not only day and night optics, but also a laser rangefinder. This will help to accurately determine the distance to the target and will dramatically increase shooting accuracy compared to the now traditional mechanical ones. The new grenade launcher will be part of a promising combat outfit for the Sotnik serviceman.

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